Mozilla Egypt Iftar 2015

بواسطة مجتمع موزيلا مصر

Mozilla Egypt Iftar 2015

In preparations for launching Firefox OS in Egypt , Egyptian Mozilla Community held at 10 July 2015 an event called “Mozilla Egypt Iftar 2015” . What the meaning of “Iftar” ? , who are the event’s Attendees ? , what are the event’s goals ? , what  about the event details ? . All one of the previous questions needs an answer , are you ready to begin the event together and know  more and more ?

So what you waiting for ?! , Let’s start the event together..

In the first of all , Iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. But what about the attendees ?! . There was no registration, the attendees was by invitation. we invited all Mozilla Egypt reps, Mozillians and best contributors to share knowledge with them and Make brainstorm to preparing for launching Firefox OS in Egypt and Strengthening social relations between the team and make it work as one family..

In addition to we invited the most famous IT and open source community manager to take advantage of Iftar for telling them about Firefox OS Launching in Egypt and How they can support us(Like marketing, pushing apps in Arabic Language, .... ) and let them try the devices that actually will be in market to get feedback from them and attracting new developers and users for Contribution in Firefox OS. The people who tried the devices by their handes gave us their opinions and feedbacks like :   

Mustafa Raslan:”Testing the new Mozilla os for mobile devices”

فطارMozillaTesting the new Mozilla os for mobile devices#MozEgIftar15

Posted by Mustafa Raslan on Friday, July 10, 2015

Enas Sharaf:”Iftar! Now Announcing their New OS that will be launched in Alcatel device late July #‎ExclusiveNews”

Mozilla Egypt

Posted by Enas Sharaf on Friday, July 10, 2015

Ahmed M. AbouZaid:”I've tried FirefoxOS with real device for first time, and seems fantastic!”


What about the event’s Day?! .

First of all , we seeked to choose the best place for the event to be suitable for our Mozillians and guests.

“Mozillians Prepare for event”

The event plan was divided into two parts:

The first part, 2 hours before Iftar (meal):

Bahy Mohamed(Mozilla Rep Mentor) began with introduce the event and share with them latest news and activity for Firefox OS Launching and discuss What is the new and what is the next.

“Bahy present Firefox OS in Klif device for Attendees.”

Then Mohamed hafez(Mozilla Rep) share the Mozilla mission in Firefox OS? and why the mozilla create OS for mobile devices?and what is the best in OS? and what is the new in it?

The second part, 1 hour after Iftar (meal):

A group of discussions between attendees held after the meal for more than1 hours to get the attendees’ questions and inquiries like :
Testing Firefox OS using Kilf device or simulator, and how to contributes in it, and How to report Bugs.

Finally , all the attendees gave thanks to Mozilla and Mozilla Egypt Team. The attendance took souvenir pictures with each other . we uploaded such pictures through Mozilla Egypt Facebook page and you can check the album here:

Iftar (Arabic: إفطار), refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan....

Posted by MozillaEgypt on Monday, July 13, 2015

Did you like the event ? Did you wish to happen again ? Would you like to be in attendance if the event is repeated again ?

We are waiting for your response!

Have a nice day :)